HPRINT 144: Large-Volume 3D Printer and Multi-Extrusion Testbed

HPRINT is a material deposition-style custom 3D printer that I began working on way back in the summer of 2011.  Before any fabrication began it went through a large number of design changes.  When the first CAD models and assemblies were made it started off as a greatly enlarged and reinforced version of the Ultimaker.  Later it transitioned through a prusa-like stage in an effort to cut down on complexity and cost, going back eventually to having a Cartesian gantry.  In the course of assembly, an error was found with its belt path setup that made one of the two axes entirely nonfunctional, but a workaround was found: the h-bot configuration frequently used for pick-and-place machines.  It is currently going through the final stages of updating for a fully-functional h-gantry system.

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